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Hunt the western Maine Mountains for grouse and woodcock. With an abundance of birds in the area, early October often provides the most opportunities with both species. It is not uncommon to see birds around the logging roads along the way to or from your hunt. We hunt a variety of cover and your personal pace is always considered.  

The Hunt:

Our bird hunts are half day hunts.  The length of the hunting day reflects how many days we may have booked.  We do not want to overwork our dogs or the additional dogs we may work with.  Shorter days are easier on the dogs as well as the hunters not used to the terrain we may hunt. 

Half day hunts are 4 to 5 hours.  We generally hunt during the cool of the morning until lunch.

We generally meet after breakfast (7:30-8:00) then head out to our first hunt.  We usually hunt an area for 45 min to an hour with the first dog.  Then we relocate and use a second dog for a short hunt. We continue this cycle having snacks and water when needed.  Lunch is usually in the field then we are be back around 12:30 pm leaving some time to relax.   

Again this year, we are also teaming up with Tim Pond camps, to offer a more remote hunt for you with less travel to some prime hunting areas.  Click here for more information about this hunt.

The Team:

We hunt with a Spinone Italiano, Gateway’s Leonora Zita JH (Penny).  Spinone are versatile hunters, both pointing and retrieving.  Penny has received her NAVHDA NA prize III when she was 7mo old and a AKC JH title.  We are always continually training and look forward future upland bird hunts with her. 


Our Sussex Spaniel, Montcalm's Maggie Mae, has been working hard to ern her place as a hunter.  Although we never have tested her, we have spent many hours training.  We ususally hunt her for short periods while Penny is taking a break or on the way to and from hunting areas. 


Early June 2017 brought Green Farm a new Spinone female.  Busy B's Vanishing Velvet Rose (Rosie).  Last summers training was fairly light as she was young but we did get her on to some birds and introduced to swimming. 


Last fall we had Rosie out working birds and introduced her to the big woods.  Although we never actually got a pointed bird, we did harvest a few grouse with her.  During the spring of 2018 we will continue training and run our first AKC then NAVHDA events.

If you would like more information on bird hunting with or without dogs feel free to contact us with any questions.

Upland bird hunting with my dogs:
Half day - $250
Multiple half day - $225

Upland bird hunting without dog:
Half day - $150

Upland bird hunting with your dog and 1 of my dogs:
Half day - $200

Price per party. 2 person max unless discussed in advance.

Transportation to and from hunting sites, snacks and drinks are provided. 
(Lunch is optional)

Upland bird hunting seasons:

Ruffed Grouse   Oct. 1 -- Dec. 31, 2018
                            Daily limit - 4; possession limit - 8

Woodcock             (2018 dates TBD) 
                             October 1 – November 15, 2016 
                          Daily limit - 3; possession limit - 9



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